Dr. Natalie Nelson is a passionate dentist deeply rooted in Wheeling, West Virginia. A proud graduate of the Linsly School in 2006, Dr. Nelson continued her academic journey at West Virginia University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology in 2010, graduating with summa cum laude honors. Her thirst for knowledge led her to excel further, achieving a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from WVU in 2014.

Dedicated to comprehensive patient care and education for all ages, Dr. Nelson’s approach reflects her commitment to excellence. Her enthusiasm for learning continues through ongoing education, keeping her attuned to the latest dental advancements. Outside the office, she finds joy in WVU sports, travel, and quality time with family, friends, and her loyal canine companion, Briggs.

Dr. Nelson’s contributions extend beyond her practice. As a member of esteemed dental associations, including the American Dental Association and West Virginia Dental Association, she plays an active role in advancing dental care. Notably, she serves as treasurer of the Wheeling District Dental Society, reflecting her commitment to professional growth and leadership.

With hospital privileges at Wheeling Hospital and Reynold’s Memorial Hospital, Dr. Nelson’s impact reaches diverse healthcare settings. Her passion for dentistry, community, and education culminate in a heartfelt commitment to enhancing lives and fostering wellness.